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Gary Schoenberger

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Here's a nice article about us that appeared recently in Saint Louis Magazine.

Perfect Strangers





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At Red Pill Studio in St. Louis, MO.
F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

"I'm having lunch listening to your songs, They tell stories of life, old and new, the happy with the sad. Life's stories and scars, a road well travelled. I took a step back today to listen as a stranger. You are an exremely talented singer and songwriter. Terry--A Fan


"Gary is a songsmith who reminds us that local music should be heard".  - Stone Spiral


“Gary has a solid grasp on the power of using colorful word-painting in his lyrics. He knows how to support the lyrical content with the feeling evoked by the music. His music has a sincere and personal quality. It seems like he writes about ideas and emotions that really mean something to you.”  TAXI




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