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The Perect Strangers


I've been extremely lucky over the years to have played with some really fine musicians. Even luckier that some of them have become true friends. I'd like to introduce the current line up of The Perfect Strangers...






Steve Johnson

Kevin Weaks

Steve and I have been playing together, off and on, since the late 70's. He's       one of the most versatile musicians I know. In addition to vocals, Steve plays guitar (electric, acoustic and slide), five string banjo, Dobro and                 harmonica.

Kevin's one of those players who has a great feel for what to play when whether on mandolin, guitar or harmonica. His vocals consistently provide some really great harmonies.

Mandy Schoenberger

Mandy is actually no "Stranger" at all. Mandy's my wife. She played upright bass for years and after a long lay off wanted to get back to it. She's worked hard and earned her spot holding down the musical low end. Besides, she's the best looking member of the band. 

                 Stephen Clubb

Steve Clubb is the newest member of our Perfect Strangers family. His accordion riffs add a lot of texture and feel to our music. Welcome aboard Steve.

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